Mycroft Godwin

Electro mechanical Wizard


Mycroft was born on Londinium in New Cardiff 2480t to Mary and, George Godwin. George died 3 years later due to weight problems. He has a twin sister named Missty and a brother George Jr., 17 years his senior, both described by their mother to be “God’s gift on earth.” They could do no wrong. Mycroft is “Satan’s Son.”

George Jr. took over the family business, Godwin & Son R&D. (“Bring your Ideas to Reality.”) Mycroft was raised according to his mother’s Evangelical Christian beliefs, e.g., learning how to pray and becoming the co-captain of the Christian Youth Holy Roller Bowling League Championship team, five-to-seven year-old division. At 5 years old he won the annual baking contest for his biscuits and cornbread, which are among the church’s claim to fame. This was his Meemaw’s secret recipe, which she passed on to him, and which he’s revealed to no one. Apart from that, he’s not a baker

Like a typical nerd, Mycroft was bullied a lot during his childhood, mostly because he constantly expressed intellectual superiority to his peers (as he does now.) The bullying consisted of, but was not limited to, being beaten up, getting swirlies (even in church), and having his personal belongings stolen. Mycroft tells everyone that his childhood was “hell.” To combat this Mycroft built a “Sonic Defense Ray” that didn’t even slow down the neighbor kids (all it did was annoy their dog)

Mycroft constructed an armed robot using integrated circuits from ceramic semiconductor substrates cooked in a modified home oven, to defend his room from Missty, who was in the habit of entering without knocking. Oven and robot were confiscated by George Jr. (Missty’s eyebrows were burned off when the oven malfunctioned.)

At age five, Mycroft wrote a paper entitled “A Proof That Algebraic Topology Can Never Have a Non-Self-Contradictory Set of Abelian Groups” and his grade school science project paper, with the original title “A Rederivation of Maxwell’s Equations Regarding Electromagnetism,” containing an approach that might change the way ferromagnetic hysteresis is calculated.

Mycroft entered college at age eleven, right after completing the fifth grade. At age twelve, filled with disappointment at not receiving a titanium centrifuge to separate radioactive isotopes, he had to be flown to hospital to be treated for radiation damage following a mishap when he built a CAT scanner (which also resulted in the death of his sister’s guinea pig, Churchill.)

When Mycroft was thirteen, he attempted to build a nuclear reactor in order to provide free electricity for his town, but it failed after a alliance officer informed him that it was illegal to store Yellowcake uranium in a shed; he then had a big tantrum as a result.

When Mycroft was fourteen years old, he graduated college summa cum laude, began graduate school, and was the youngest person at the time to receive the Stephen Hawking Award. He received his first doctorate at sixteen. He then spent four years on his second dissertation. Two years into that, he was drafted into the Alliance Military science academy.

At the academy he received his second doctorate

He graduated at the rank of Captain and led the Heavy lift team and made Major.

Left military with a general discharge on psych section 8. After 3 years in the psych-ward. He was blamed in a military accident that killed 30 military and 167 civilian and wounded 957people in the local area.

After his discharge, Mycroft went to worked for George Jr. at Godwin & Son.

Last know record was a plead from George Jr. to help find his lost and made dangerous little brother. Reward for the location or safe return of Mycroft.


Mycroft Godwin

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